You Asked, I Answered / Q&A

You Asked, I Answered / Q&A

You Asked, I Answered/ Q&A

I asked you guys on Instagram stories to ask me questions and I’m going to answer them here today.
There were actually a bunch of questions so let’s take a look into it .

1) Is makeup a peer pressure?

I do like to wear makeup, but in a very minimal amount. I never feel pressurized to wear makeup. No one has ever told me to wear it. I am comfortable with my face without makeup.
I do have acne marks and discoloration.
And I’m not ashamed of it.
Personally my makeup is some eyeliner, Kajal, lipstick & compact. I like to wear it when I want to & do not feel pressurized to wear it when I don’t want to.

2) Where are you based?

Currently based in New Delhi. But I’ll be moving soon once I decide where I want to live.

3)Is blogging a full time job for you?

Not really! Right now I’m persuing BCA and trying to get placed in a good IT firm.
I’ve started blogging as my hobby to share my views about place, events I attend, to share some mental heath awareness or fashion with a bit of art through my blog. You can say I’m just sharing my virtual journal with you guys.

4) What do you do for living?

Well! Well!
Right now I’m dependent on my parents for living.
On the other hand I don’t ask my parents pocket money as I get paid by some brands for promoting them also I’m a tution teacher.

5) Who takes your photos ?

Well you guys know that my selfie game is always on point. I love to click self portraits.
My pictures are mostly phone clicked by my dad, brother & friends.
The pictures on my blog and Instagram which are clicked by DSLR are mostly clicked by MUKUL .
Also some of the photographers with whom I’ve worked till now:

6) who are your favourite bloggers/ content creators?

Some of my favourite content creator whom I look upon are:
Devyani Kapoor
Monalisha Mahapatra
& Many more.

7) How you edit your pictures?

I use Snapseed & Afterlight for editing my pictures on phone.

8) Describe your personal style?

A mix of fast and slow fashion.
I like everything from my closet & always create mix of styles.
This is what fun about fashion is.

9) Do you receive any hate or negative comment on social media?

Yes, almost everyday.
My dm is filled with these kinds of messages.
All I do is ignore.
And why should I care about their words because they are some people hiding behind username and wish to receive our  attention.
And it is one of those situation you can’t worry about because you should not live to please others. If it’s your hobby or passion do what you love and fuck what other think.
Thanks to everyone who asked me questions. It’s always fun to interact with you guys. If you have more questions do DM me on Instagram or comment here.
If  you are new here please  do check out my previous posts.
Until next time
You can follow me on instagram: Tamanna

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  1. I also love to wear kajal, eyeliner and lipstick for my complete look make-up. Its complete in itself. I loved the way you answered all the questions.

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