Wishes and Blessings

Wishes and Blessings

Hey guys! How you all are doing?
Have you always wondered how you could give back to society, but have never found an apt way to do so? Are you worried that the funds might not be utilised in the appropriate manner?
I’ve always wanted to do something for my society.
And I came across this amazing Delhi-based NGO Wishes and Blessings.
So they has rolled three things into one: shopping, charity and most importantly- transparency.
WB ACT 4, the NGO’s pop-up, becomes the best way to give back to society, to use your access to resources to help those who are not so lucky. Wishes and Blessings is based on this very principle- some are blessed, and some have unfulfilled wishes.
And I’m so happy to announce that Wishes and Blessings is doing their fourth pop-up: WB ACT 4. A specially curated event, ACT 4 is on the 13th of September, Thursday, from 11 am to 8:30 pm in Royal Park, GK II.
The exhibition is a shopper’s paradise, and the best part? All the funds collected will be used for charitable purposes! Money raised from ACT 4 will be used for the running cost of ‘Mann Ka Tilak’, the NGO’s first old age home for the old and the abandoned women of Delhi/NCR. Funds will also be used to set up their first old age home for men. ACT 4 is guaranteed to be the best of both worlds: shopping and charity!
So , I’m gonna attend this event and i look forward to you guys  please do attend this event . Shop what you like at the end the money you’ll be spending is going to help some other helpless person. So you’ll be satisfied by the outcome.
If you are a avant-garde fashionistas, minimalist style seekers and chic office goers…Our upcoming Pop-Up is something you can’t afford to miss!
Hurry and mark your presence at the Wishes and Blessings Annual Charity Pop-Up ACT 4 to do your bit for the charity!
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I’ll be sharing the post event pictures soon on my blog. Stay tuned!!

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  1. It’s always nice to know how people work for the society. I wish I was there to attend the event, nonetheless will spread the word! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Its a great initiative, I wish I could go there. We spend good amounts on shopping but it will be an amazing feeling when your spending amount is going to help the other people. ‘Mann Ka Tilak’, again good initiative.

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