Rani Rashmoni

Rani Rashmoni

Rani Rashmoni the Large-hearted Rebel Who Fought Social Evils

Recently I came to know about this awesome TV show “Rani Rashmoni” from my grandmother.

Being a Bengali, my mother and grandmother love to watch Bengali TV shows. And it is her who recommended me to watch it. The first thing that hit me is the narrative and I just loved the storyline of “Rani Rashmoni” which you can watch on Zee Bangla.

A historical drama series narrating the life of Rani Rashmoni, a leader who lived for her people and provided support to them. She was respected in Bengal for almost 150 years for her contribution to society. Nineteenth-century Bengal saw the birth of such a prominent lady who would go down in history as the only women who fought the East India Company in the 19th Century.

This show is an inspirational watch for not just women but also men and addresses some women related issues that pertained in that period like real women empowerment, women not having the right to be educated and many more.

In that era, Hindu Bengali women were forced to doing things that men wanted them to and were not allowed to wear PURDAH or anything that men did not like.

The purdah rules of veiling the body and avoidance of public appearance, especially in the presence of relatives and strange men, are inextricably linked to patterns of authority and harmony within the family.

But in stark contrast of the norms of the time, Rashmoni was encouraged to participate in the day to day administrative affairs of the vast zamindari estate. She picked up things quickly and proved her efficiency in the management of the estate.

This incident gives us inspiration that we, as women, should do what we want to do instead of thinking about the kind of opinions that society would impose on us. Society will always pull you down but you have to ignore their words and move forward that’s how we can grow.

Rani Rashmoni is a widow of Babu Rajachandra Das of Janbazar, Kolkata. She took charge of the zamindari and the business, after her husband’s death and proved herself as an effective leader. She was a woman with a caring heart. She not only compelled to the British to stop their shipping business in her part of the Ganges for the sake of the livelihood of the poor fishermen but also forced them to think twice before presenting any idea before her.

Today, people remember Rani Rashmoni for her act of establishing the famous Dakshineswar Kali temple. She died on 19th February 1861, but she will be forever recalled as one of the greatest philanthropists of Bengal and a woman every one of us will cherish for ages to come.

The famous Dakshineswar temple which houses the Goddess Kali was founded by her following a dream she saw when she was about to get on her pilgrimage to Benaras. Since then, Dakshineswar temple has become of the must-visit places in India.

If you want to have more insights into the life of Rani Rashmoni, then click on the link below:

I just love the fact that TV shows are showing some efforts to inspire us in a creative way.

You guys can watch all the episodes of this show on ZEE5 too.

Here are some of the features of ZEE5 :

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I would really appreciate if you guys watch this show. If you’ve already watched it do comment what’s your favourite part. Don’t have free time to watch on TV? Just open ZEE5 website, and you can enjoy the show.

This is it for this post hope you guys liked it.

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