Pro Kabaddi League

Pro Kabaddi League

Hey guys! How are you all? So today I’m going to share a post related to sports. Well, I’m not a sport’s person but who doesn’t love to win prize money from apps.

Well, I’m going to tell you about an awesome app where you can choose your team and play virtually by betting. And in return, you get prize money. Interesting!! right?

Before that let’s discuss “Kabaddi

Kabaddi is a sport, where two teams of 7 players play. In this game, two teams are on opposite halves of a small field or court. They take turns sending raider into opposite half. This is to win the points. If the raider touches opponent player and returns his own half he will get the point. While returning opposite players will make try to capture the raider by tackling or blocking or pushing out of the court etc. If the defence succeeds to capture the raider the point goes to the defence team.

Most of my childhood is spent in West Bengal and I remember I used to play kabaddi. In the eastern part of India the phrase “ KabaddiKabaddi” is replaced by “Chu- Kit-kit” or “ Ha- Doo-doo”.

Among other sports, Kabaddi also started to be only popular in the villages and even though the Indian team performed exceptionally, were not recognized properly at the national level. The arrival of Pro Kabaddi changed all this!!

Did you ever think that Kabaddi which we used to play during our childhood can get so big and commercialised??

Kabaddi has the potential to become a globally popular sport. Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)– An IPL like version of the Kabaddi for the fans was started in 2014.

This league has given so much to those players whose only way of playing was either in Nationals or state level tournaments. It has become so big that it is getting noticed all over the world.

Now let’s come to the app which I was talking about.

Dream11 is an Online portal specially for the Cricket and Sports Lovers known as Dream11 Fantasy Cricket. You can earn Millions by Batting online with friends and participating in the Live Matches. You can play Cricket, Football and Kabbadi batting online.

How Dream11 Fantasy Pro Kabaddi Works?

Dream11 provides an Online betting system where you can play with your friends worldwide. It is based on the ongoing matches of Pro- Kabaddi,  Cricket, etc.
With the growing popularity of fantasy sports, kabaddi was not behind in the league to join the league. Fantasy kabaddi is now a thing and is very popular amongst the youth.
I heard about fantasy kabaddi, I was pretty excited. I immediately went onto the site to see how it works. With PKL going on, it became even more interesting for me because I love watching PKL.

What you guys are waiting for ?? Go check out their site and install their app.

I hope you guys enjoyed this interesting content.

Also, guys, I’ve researched about this from other websites as well. You can check these websites for more updates.

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