My Saree My Story with

My Saree My Story with


The most beautiful attire
A timeless fashion which never retire
It covers the beauty with all it’s layers
It signifies the poise and grace of a woman
And worn by the poor, the rich & the middle class people.
It never discriminate.
The shimmer, the glitter & sequins on it
Glorifies the struggle woven with in.
A long trail of cloth with no zip & no stitch yet carries the strength and stories with it.
Stories of farmers, Weavers , tailors and much more.
So many life depends on it.
In every saree, an artist is seen.
Fat or Skinny
Fair or Dark
He or She
Saree can be worn by anyone.
Love it
Respect it
Be creative with it
Try new draping styles and in the end it’s all yours.
Hey my lovely reader!   It’s a collaboration with craftsvilla.
I’m so glad to be a part of this amazing campaign it’s about sharing my saree story.
This campaign talks about how saree is for all types of women. Irrespective of their body size, height, skin color.
Saree is made for everyone. It can be your mother , sister or even for men’s.
I’ve seen some of my fellow male friends who wear saree as dhoti. So interesting right!
Here’s a glimpse of my story-
Me: “Maa I want all your sarees”
Maa : “It’s all for you!”
Every time my mum pulled out a saree from her beautiful collection, my eyes would not stop glittering. .
My saree is not made for any particular shape or size.
 It doesn’t even discriminate complexion.
Oh how much I love sarees which have loads of stories hidden in it. ❤
And those who think saree is just for aunties!! People with this thought  you’re missing one of the beautiful thing in your wardrobe.
That’s all guys do check out their site.
If  you are new here please  do check out my previous posts.
Until next time
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Photography: Mukul

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  1. Very well expressed …Saree is our traditional outfit which can never go out of looks gorgeous whenever it is worn..

  2. You are looking so beautiful in this saree, no doubt about it that its the best outfit when coming to traditional one. I too live wearing saree , going to check out from crafts villa

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