Handicraft Jewellery Series Ft. Vrit Moksha

Handicraft Jewellery Series Ft. Vrit Moksha

Hey! guys hope you all are doing great. I’m back with the second part of “Handcraft Jewellery series”. Handmade jewellery has been all over the internet lately. The personal attention and love that makers and artisans infuse into their work is noticeable in the masterpieces that they create. Every peices and design tells a story.

What most people don’t understand is why handmade jewellery is more of an investment. The pieces are soldered, sawed, carved and shaped without the use of mass produced manufacturing machinery.  And that’s why it takes an incredible amount of time to produce just a single piece.

There is a lot of buzz with “buying local” these days. Reducing your carbon footprint and supporting local artisans is good for the environment as they use sustainable raw materials rather than using mixed alloys. 
Artisans and makers infuse love into each piece of work. There is huge value in supporting local.
Also the best part is no maker creates two pieces that are exactly identical. You are the only person with that specific piece of jewelry which means a lot.

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₹-180/-# Dm to order 🙂

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So, today I’m talking about the brand Vrit Moksha is a instagram store that designs and sells handmade jewelry items. The store have beautiful collection of jewelry to suit all the occasions. If unique and handmade products are your thing then you should definitely check them out. Add quirky handcrafted jewelry to your collection.


Guys! do check their new collection because these statement pieces will amp things up, instantly.

Whether you are looking for your next ‘treat yourself’ item or a gift to a loved one, the beautiful jewellery that this brands produce while encouraging change and supporting sustainable and ethical practices means that you never need to sacrifice aesthetics for your values.

This is it for this post hope you guys liked it. Make sure you tell me your views in the comment section below or send me a personal message on my Instagram or Facebook page because I love hearing from you guys!

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  1. I am also obsessed with Handcrafted jewelry these days and the collection seems so great. I especially, love those long earrings and you looking so beautiful in all those. Thanks for sharing a word about Vritmoksha.

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