Handicraft Jewellery Series ft. Priyata Artworks

Handicraft Jewellery Series ft. Priyata Artworks

Good handicraft jewellery designs are pieces of art that will compliment you and therefore it doesn’t go out of style.

Picking the right jewellery has the power to transform the look and feel of your entire outfit. But how often do we stop to wonder about how our jewellery was made? – Where did the materials come from? Who’s hands has it touched? What environment was it made in? Who’s lives has it affected? How long was it made to last?

Thankfully, the increasing global focus on sustainability around the fashion industry has also raised questions about the environmental impacts and ethics of the jewellery that we adorn our bodies with.

Hello everyone, hope you guys are doing well. Today I’m going to talk about one of my favourite homegrown brand ” Priyata Artworks“. Which is based in Kolkata. 

Priyata, the owner of this brand paints all the jewelleries on her own and provide very unique and beautiful earrings and necklaces which are handmade. If you love quirky designs, you must check out this brand!

Sharing some of my picture in which I’ve styled there statement accessories. 

Hand Painted elephant necklace

Guys! do check her new collection because these statement pieces will amp things up, instantly.

Whether you are looking for your next ‘treat yourself’ item or a gift to a loved one, the beautiful jewellery that this brands produce while encouraging change and supporting sustainable and ethical practices means that you never need to sacrifice aesthetics for your values.

This is it for this post hope you guys liked it. Make sure you tell me your views in the comment section below or send me a personal message on my Instagram or Facebook page because I love hearing from you guys!

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Picture Credits: MUKUL

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  1. Amazing and beautiful post. Superb handicraft jewellery designs collections. Looking so pretty and classy in the handicrafts jewellery. Great thoughts.

  2. So true, we never think about from where and how the jewellery comes, but just enjoy wearing them. The collection by Priyata Artworks is quirky and impressive, will definitely check out their collection.

  3. Wow. I dont think i can ever carry that bright and huge neck piece.. But ill surely check out the collection..seems to be fun and sassy

  4. Handicrafts jewellery are always beautiful to go with any outfit thy look stunning… Loved the collection you posted nice click to.. Loved the saree & tht elephant print necklace.

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