Fusion Funk

Fusion Funk

Hey guys! How are you all?

I am super tired these days. I have so many pending works to get done. I’m working on some projects plus college hours Ughhh! and many more.
Today I’m going to share a # What I Wore post.
So , basically this outfit is what I wore when I went to Chadni Chowk to buy some digital electronic hardwares required for my college project.
I went there with my bestie “Naima”.
After I bought the hardwares. We thought to visit Red Fort.
It was my first visit!
So we took the tickets and were waiting in the queue to enter Red Fort.
We were discussing about the weather that it’s so pleasant.
But you know what happened suddenly!
It started raining & we got wet in the rain.😂
Somehow we managed and the rain stopped after 5 minutes.
After that we went inside Red Fort.
And guess what!!?
It’s under construction.
But doesn’t matter there is a beautiful lane filled with small shops , selling antique jewelleries, clothing, bags etc.
I was loving that vibe. Those shops filled with silver ornaments and antique jewelleries were best.
My friend told me the story behind Red Fort. She was playing the role of a guide and photographer that day. Lol!
We took so many pictures.
I thought to write about this because I was wearing a white t-shirt and a peach camisole over it with blue jeans.
And gave it a touch of fusion by adding beautiful handcrafted earrings.
I was totally in  a mood of experimenting.
Also look at my leather belt I’m so loving it.
And my bagpack cum bag is amazing . It is from oriflame.
I hope you guys love my look and the post is not that boring.
And you can get this handcrafted earrings from here –> Divine
This look is just an example of how I had styled my fusion wear outfit and it is completely subjective. Because you know better about what will work for you.
So, it’s very important to understand that any of you can achieve this look or better looks by experimenting with your own clothes.
If you are new here please  do check out my previous posts.
Until next time
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picture credit goes to my bestie.

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