Beauty Beyond Colour

Beauty Beyond Colour

“Toltey kiyu ho mujhe rangad se 

kia koyley k jism wale log hira nh ban saktey?”-Asna Azhar

Growing up, I’ve always had dark skin. I, personally, didn’t see anything wrong with it.

And to be quite honest, why should I have? I had great friends, there was nothing in life that could stop me!

As I got older I really began to start noticing the things people said about my dark complexion.

And then suggesting skin bleaching products or face masks for me to use.

I am a Bengali with naturally oily, dusky skin, sharp features & long hair & I love the way I am.

I’m not at all concerned about my complexion.

We all should learn to accept ourselves & love ourselves the way we are & not try becoming or fitting to so called “Society’s Beauty Standards”


Yes!! I am a DUSKY WOMAN & I’m perfectly happy with the way I look! 😊

You are beautiful ! Being fair or dark has nothing to do with it.

But as Indians, mentality that “to be fair is to be pretty and to be dark is not”. Indian media, only further adds onto this fallacy  along with advertisements that promote the usage of skin lightening creams and products.

In a “Fair and Handsome” ad, Shah Rukh Khan gave a tube of fairness cream to a young fan. In the next scene, the boy’s skin grows whiter, his smile brightens and his hopes rise. The message: Fair skin is a way for success.

Such advertising propagates discrimination among men, women and even children.

Many says gold makes me look south indian or “Gold doesn’t suit dusky complexion. It makes you look more dark”.
Some says lighten up your dull skin,dark complexion hides good features.

So to those kind of people I would like to say maybe your eyes are dull which can’t see such beauty.

Black or white,

Red or blue,

We are the same,

And that is true.


Face washes and soaps,

Make you think that You should glow.

Dark is not bad,

Dark is not unlucky,

Dark is not ugly.

Stand up and say it: “Dark is beautiful.

So as a society stop putting people down for the things that make them unique. Whether it be the way their voice sounds, or the type of clothes they wear or how dark their skin is. We should learn to love people for all the things that make them who they are, Every human being is beautiful in his or her own right. We are no one to discriminate.

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Photography  by :Sayan Acharya


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  1. I really like the way you have expressed your thoughts. I myself like Bengali girls as they sharp features with long black hair, love your pictures.

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