10 Fantastic Designs Of Latest Kurti Designs To Make Your Ethnic Wardrobe Look Edgy

10 Fantastic Designs Of Latest Kurti Designs To Make Your Ethnic Wardrobe Look Edgy

Every women have their own distinct dressing style. The Kurti itself helps the women to look extremely different and discover their real self. And this is all got possible because of the latest kurti designs available in the market.

Kurtis are comfortable and therefore Indian Women are crazy about it. Also, from formal to informal, you make this Indian wear perfect for any occasion. Although this upper body garment is traditional, it will help you to reflect your real self. That’s why Bollywood is crazy about it. Many designs come with many styling ideas. So in this blog, let’s talk about some amazing kurti designs that will help you to upgrade your wardrobe.

1. Front Slit Kurti:

The Front Slit comes is the latest design of kurti with a slit in the front. It starts with the waistline and loved by women of every age. It usually has a circular shape and comes with no side slit. You can wear it with leggings, palazzo, pants, jeggings or jeans. The best occasion to carry this kurti is functions, casual gatherings and outings. For accessories, don’t go for too much and keep everything simple.

2. Anarkali Kurti:

The Anarkali kurti has an ancient feel and gives you a dress-like look. You will find it in amazing work so choose according to your style. The young and middle-aged women must go for it. The palazzo or fitted bottom will help you to rock your outfit. The best occasion to carry this kurti is Marriage function. Gatherings and festivals. For accessories, go for something heavy.

3. Tail Cut Kurti:

Tail Cut Kurti comes with a curved cut on either side of the kurti. It is trending and loved by young women. To enhance the look of these kurtis, pair it with jeans, jeggings or jeans. The perfect occasion to carry these kurtis is casual parties, office, small gatherings, outings and festivals. Also, don’t go for too many accessories with this outfit.

4. Cold Shoulder Kurti:

Cold Shoulder Kurti is another most loved style of kurti that makes you highly comfortable. It has a cut at the small portion of the shoulder. Young to middle-aged women usually go for it. For the bottom, choose jeggings, palazzo, jeans or leggings. Casual Meetings, college, family functions and day outs are the perfect occasion to carry the same. Choose the accessories according to the occasion.

5. Long Chikankari Kurti:

The Chikankari kurtis are extremely elegant, unparalleled, trendy and classy. Its style is unbeatable in every sense. The Bollywood divas like Sara Ali Khan love to go for it. These look the best with Churidars and tights. The parties, Small gatherings and day outs are the best occasion to carry it. Such kurtis looks the best with light accessories.

6. Pin Tucks Kurti:

Pin Tucks Kurti

The Pin Tucks kurtis comes with artistic pleats. It is quite trendy because of its aesthetic design. The young women look the best in it as it makes you perfect in every sense. Choose jeans, palazzos or leggings as the best bottom. You can carry these kurtis to college, office, small gatherings and casual meetings. Choose the contemporary style of accessories with it.

7. A-line Kurti:

A-line kurtis are very popular among young women and middle-aged women. It has a proper flare from the waistline. You will enjoy it’s a shaped look. You can carry these kurtis with jeans, leggings, straight pants or Churidars. And if you are going to college, professional parties, office or outing, it will help you to look perfect. Both minimal and heavy jewellery will look great with this kurti.

8. Bell Sleeves Kurti:

The bell sleeved kurti has the designer sleeves in the shape of a bell. It looks very elegant and attractive. Also, you will enjoy its fashionable look. For the best look, choose jeans, leggings, straight pants or Churidar as a bottom-wear. You can carry it to party, college, meetings or casual outings. The simple accessories will help you to look perfect in this kurti.

9. High Low Kurtis:

The High Low Kurtis are longer from the backside and longer from the front. It is one of the asymmetrical kurti styles that is loved by young women. You can carry this kurti to college, small parties, gatherings and casual meetings. For bottoms, go for something simple and fitted. You can choose your accessories according to the occasion.

10. Princess Line Kurti:

Princess Line Kurti helps in expressing your curves. It has a seam shape that highlights from the armhole or shoulder. That’s the reason why it is found in full-length design. The lacework on either side of the kurti will help you to look unique. Pair these kurtis with jeans, palazzo, Churidars or jeggings. Also, the occasion and accessories depend on the fabric of your kurti.

These kurtis will help you to look fashionable as well as graceful. Choose the fabric and work of your kurti and look trendy in it.

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